SALVADOR -The 18th Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree - the world’s largest floating Christmas tree, according to the Guinness Book of Records - was inaugurated Saturday night, November 30th, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a large free event featuring Brazilian singer, Simone, known worldwide. Thousands of people congregated around the edge of Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon to watch the lighting up of the Tree, one of the three main events in the city, after Carnival and New Years Eve.

Starting this Sunday, December 1st, the Tree will be lit daily until January 6th. Three Kings Day - according to tradition. Based on the theme “A Celebration of Life”, Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree is now celebrating its 18th consecutive edition and highlights five elements: Water, Air, Forests, Humanity and Christmas. The spectacle of lights and colors starts with Water, where the blue tone pervades the Tree and figures of dolphins, seahorses, fish and starfish appear throughout its structure. Following this, gentle shades of warm colors provide the setting for a flight of birds, in reference to Air.

A greenish tone adorned with branches and leaves serves as the backdrop for Forests. Lastly, in the spirit of “A celebration of life”, Humanity gathers round the Tree, to celebrate Christmas.

According to Alexandre Nogueira, Director of Bradesco Seguros, which has sponsored the Tree since its first edition in 1996, it is a moment of tremendous satisfaction. “It’s been very rewarding to participate in the Christmas of families since 1996, offering everyone this symbol of Christmas, which motivates people to celebrate the main values of the holiday season.

The Bradesco Seguros Christmas Tree weighs 542 tons and is 85 meters high, the equivalent of a 28-story building. To illuminate the megastructure, 3.1 million tiny lights, 120,000 meters of luminous tubing and 100 LED reflectors were installed, in addition to the seven generators aboard. Approximately 1,200 people - between producers, engineers and artists - are involved in the project.