LAHORE Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif Tuesday said if the PML-N could sit with the government on the basis of a set agenda for rescuing the country out of the crisis and the sake of national objectives, it also had the ability to fight side by side with the people for their cause. We cannot leave the masses at the mercy of prevailing circumstances. We not only have the capacity and the courage but also a programme to salvage them from the economic bondage, Shahbaz said in an exclusive interview with daily Nawa-i-Waqt, adding that the reconciliatory approach shown by Nawaz Sharif on the national agenda should not be considered as a weakness. It is an expression of his political seriousness and sagacity. Shahbaz was clear in his vision that only a pragmatic and effective educational revolution could help getting rid of extremism and terrorism. A student from Danish School will play a successful role in making Pakistan a great country, he remarked while adding that the biggest political dilemma of the country was that people were not the recipients of Pakistans fruits. He termed education as an essential for rooting out corruption, commission mafia, sectarianism, moral turpitude, extremism, terrorism, ignorance, poverty and backwardness from the country. Shahbaz promised to bring revolution in education sector of Punjab and said the Danish schools being established in the far-flung and underdeveloped areas were a part of the larger strategy to achieve the aim. He hoped that the expenses incurred on the Danish schools would go a long way in minimising the class struggle and making a poor children able to stand up to the present day challenges. He said corruption and commission had caused embarrassment for Pakistan in the world and implementation of the NRO verdict was required for the cleansing purposes. The chief minister said the countrys future was linked with a democracy and democratic process which contained the elements of good governance, accountability and bringing a positive change in the lives of poor lot. He said they had decided to slash the administrative expenditure and adopt simplicity to educate the new and next generations. He said, Without disposing of the beggars bowl, we can meet success in the court of people and Allah Almighty. We are told that notice is being taken of the price hike and unemployment, but the notices are not enough. We must move forward and bring the corrupt elements to the justice, he stressed. Shahbaz said, It is the 21st century. Political stability can never be gained without providing relief to the masses.