Rawalpindi - Punjab Emergency Service (PES) Rescue 1122 attended 19,001 calls and rescued 21,100 victims in different emergencies in the city during the year 2014.

Similarly, the PES Rescue 1122 rescued a total of 727,619 victims in the province last year, informed Rescue 1122 spokesman here on Wednesday. The Rescue 1122 would also mark 2015 as the year of safety, he added.

According to him, in Rawalpindi Rescue 1122 dealt with 19,001 emergency calls and rescued 21,100 victims in different emergencies. Out of 19,001 emergency calls responded in Rawalpindi during 2014, 8,283 were road accidents, 7,489 were medical emergencies, 699 were fire incidents, 950 were crime calls, 13 were drowning case, 22 were building collapse incidents, 27 were explosions/blasts, and 1,518 were special rescue operations and miscellaneous emergencies.

He informed that Director General Rescue 1122 Dr Rizwan Naseer while presiding over a meeting of rescue officers at Rescue 1122 headquarters reviewed performance of PES Rescue 1122 during 2014 and announced that Rescue 1122 would mark 2015 as year of safety. The meeting was attended by all heads of wings. In this regard, several programmes for prevention of emergencies shall be launched including school safety programme and establishment of community emergency response teams in all towns and tehsils of Punjab in 2015. Furthermore these teams shall be trained for disaster response and community based risk reduction for prevention of emergencies.

Earlier, the DG reviewed the performance of Rescue 1122 during 2014, which showed that the Rescue 1122 rescued 727,619 emergency victims during 571,240 rescue operations, while maintaining its average response time of 7 minutes and standard in all districts of Punjab.

Dr Rizwan Naseer said that during the last 10 years, Rescue 1122 had emerged as a successful model of emergency services delivery. He said that Rescue 1122 was working closely with the communities to enhance disaster response capacity, risk reduction and prevention of emergencies, for the establishment of safer communities in all districts of Punjab. He further said that Rescue 1122 had ensured provision of basic right to timely emergency care without discrimination of caste, colour or creed and now the Service would undertake evidence-based research on the number and nature of emergencies to recommend measures for prevention of emergencies.

He further stated that 90 per cent working of emergency services in developed countries was to focus on fire prevention; therefore, Rescue 1122 shall observe 2015 as year of safety and would focus on community safety.