The Prime minister expressed his good wishes and intentions for people of Pakistan in his new year’s message. He hoped that the new year will bring benefits, peace, progress and prosperity in the country. This all sounds well. However his finance minister has gifted the nation with 5% increase in GST, which may inflate government revenue, but is detrimental to the interest of common man, because this increase will result in the rise of prices of necessities of life and common man will be the worst hit, while the rich will bear this burden with a little difficulty. The efforts of finance minister are akin to snatching from people the hopes to get some relief from what premier desire to deliver.

It proves the old saying that good intentions that are not translated into reality are nothing more than paving way to failure. Hence the Prime minister may kindly look into this matter seriously and draw a well thought out debated and workable long term strategy to safe guard interests of common people than of privileged segments of society.


Islamabad, December 31.