ISLAMABAD - Although the government and opposition parties have not yet reached any final decision to amend the constitution for establishment of military courts, yet optimistic to reach on any consensus in a day or two.

“The final decision about introducing any amendment will surely be made public once unanimously finalized by the all members of political parties’ legal committee. We have yet not reached a final decision,” said Finance Minister Ishaq Dar while exclusively talking to The Nation here on Wednesday.

Avoiding to share amendments in army acts and other decisions, Dar said that all the final decisions will also be given legal cover. “It is subject to consensus of all the members of the committee. We will also bring it to the National Assembly session starting from Thursday,” said the finance minister.

Source said that the members of the committee in its second meeting had almost reached consensus for amendment in the army act. “Military courts might also be increased but still final decision is not made on it,” said a member privy to the committee meeting.

The meeting was attended by Finance Minister Ishaq Dar, Aitazaz Ahsan, Afarsiyab Khatak, Mushahid Hussain and others. This committee was formed to implement the government action plan against terrorism.

According to the government spokesman, the process of consultation is underway regarding possible constitutional and legal amendment for effectively countering terrorism and extremism.