New York (BEL): Jennifer Aniston is ‘up for whatever’ when it comes to new roles. The 45-year-old actress captured the world’s heart playing Rachel Green in the hit sitcom, which ran for ten series and won a staggering 63 awards. Following on from the finale in 2004, Jennifer has only just managed to break her mould with the role of Claire Simmons in Cake, a dark drama which follows a woman embarking on a relationship with a widower. But all the hard work didn’t put her off. ‘Well, I think it’s also from being on a television show for ten years - that’s in your living room week after week, and now day after day in syndication. You really do have to kind of run far, far away,’ she explained to

‘But it’s OK. I don’t mind that.

I’m up for that challenge, and that’s what excites me… I would be lying if I said in taking this on there wasn’t a part of me that knew I was taking a risk. I knew I had to do it for myself and if it was going to fail and fall flat on its face, then so be it, but I had to.

I feel like you have to be brave. You have to be bold. Don’t stay small.’

Despite this character differing enormously from those she has embodied in the past, Jennifer didn’t feel intimidated. But the preparation put into playing Claire - who suffered an accident and is left with facial scars and chronic pain - was more full on than any other job.

‘You just approach it depending on the part of your brain that needs to be accessed more. I’m up for whatever. I love it all. I really do,’ she added. ‘Physically, this movie was trying on my body. I had a lot of pinched nerves just from being in that physical space for five weeks straight, but I missed it when it was over. We had so much fun together. We were like a little theatre group.’