Lahore - State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali has vowed not to compromise on recovery from defaulters whether they belong to federal or provincial governments.

“Prime Minister has strictly directed to recover all dues from all defaulters at all costs. Speedy work on different power generation projects of coal, biomass, solar and hydel is going on and load shedding will be ended before completion of PML-N tenure” he said during his visit to a divisional Lesco office.

During his visit, main gate remained shut almost for 5 hours from 11am to 4pm, creating problems for power consumers belonging to far flung areas.

A score of people, mostly belonging to suburb of Lahore, remained out of Lesco office as the gate was closed and no one was allowed to enter the building to get bill corrected. Many media persons were also restricted to enter the office. People protested against the Lesco staff as well as the minister for this hassle.

The minister said government would bring power generation capacity at 18,000 megawatt and ensure 90 per cent recovery from consumers. He said that Lesco has been given the task to revisit its action plan against line losses.

“We want improvement in recoveries and an audit report of theft incidents in Lesco and other distribution companies. He said homework on second phase of power strategy has been completed with a view to eliminate large scale theft of electricity. We are in process of setting up a centralised system where real-time power supply and consumption data would be generated. We are poised to fully monitor the power losses in 8,500 feeders across the country and will subsequently be able to take swift and result-oriented remedial measures.

Talking about Lesco’s performance, he said problem of under and over billing are being probed. He advised the workers to leave no stone unturned to prevent the pilferage of electricity and recovery of the lawful dues from the defaulter’s electricity consumers and ensure provision of better services culture to the consumers. Electricity management should take all steps to prevent accidents of the electricity line staff by providing adequate safety equipment and observance of safety regulations at the workplace, he added.