Rawalpindi - Despite strict instructions by Punjab government, allied hospitals in Rawalpindi lack full proof arrangements to check any incident of terrorism.

According to reports, there are only 89 guards at the hospitals of the Punjab government and the shortage will be temporarily met with the deployment of ward boys and gardeners.

More than nine thousand people visit the Allied Hospitals daily while around 1600 are admitted for treatment. The patients coming to the emergency departments are over and above this estimate.  Concerned citizens say that terrorists can enter the hospitals any time posing them as patients or relatives and checking of people entering the hospital is of utmost importance to avoid any untoward incident.

Figures show that there are 40 chowkidars at Holy Family, 27 in Benazir Bhutto hospital and 22 in District Headquarters hospital  who are distributed in three shifts.  They are thus insufficient to man the gates and other entry and exit points in the hospitals.  There are no walk through gates or metal detectors with the Chowkidars.

Administrations at the Allied hospitals said that they are implementing the directives of Punjab government  as the shortage of Chowkidars is being met through other surplus staff for the time being and soon the problem would be resolved with the appointment of additional personnel.  

However this system is creating problems for the patients and their visitors.  Scenes of exchange of harsh words between the visitors and the staff manning the gates at each ward at a common sight on daily basis.

Meanwhile, Rawalpindi Cantonment Board (RCB) has started issuing notices to shopkeepers doing business with proper licences.

Foods Control officials said that they have issued notices to 37 persons doing illegal business in Pir Wadhai More, Maulvi Mohammad Hussain Street Saddar, Azizabad, Mughalabad and Peoples colony. They said that cases of twenty-six persons who did not apply for license despite notices have been sent to the court.

On the other hand twenty four persons from different wards applied with the Cantonment board for permission to initiate business but only 13 were issued licenses.