LAHORE - PPP Punjab President Mian Manzoor Ahmed Wattoo has said that the fraction of relief given to the people is a crude joke with them when the prices of petrol have slashed almost half in the international market.

In a statement issued on Thursday, he pointed out the mockery of the government that had raised the GST from 17 to 22 per cent on petroleum products that was synonymous to giving with one hand and taking it away with the other. This gimmickry is unacceptable, he asserted. He demanded that the raised GST be withdrawn.

He maintained that the relief was only befitting the car owners and the upper class because the common man was paying almost the same fare for traveling as he used to pay when the prices of petrol were double in the international market.

He further said that the prices of the goods of the poor man use remain almost the same if not showing upward trend. They are not at all better off instead they are paying more as the prices of vegetable and fruits have soared, he added.

Wattoo demanded that the government should ensure comparable relief to the people of all sections of the society and especially those who were at the other end of the food chain as they deserve the most.

He called upon the government to ensure maximum benefit to the poor people even at the expense of the privileged class because they could easily bear the burden of such policy of the government. It would be fair by any measure of social justice narrative, he stated.

The PPP leader particularly mentioned the farmer community in this regard adding that the prices of diesel should be slashed proportionate to its prices in international market enabling them to run their tube wells relatively freely to meet pressing needs of irrigation.

He said that the relief would benefit the farmers immensely as almost all tube wells were now running on diesel due to the excessive load shedding of electricity and consumption of diesel was double as such.