A:     I can’t believe Americans sometimes. What a bunch of racist morons. Racial violence in the US is appalling. I don’t know how people can hate each other based on skin colour.

S:     It’s true that race is still a problem in the US, but when I think about our own society, it is even more appalling how subtle and embedded racism is.

A:     No, Sadiq. We have religious and ethnic discrimination. Race is a different issue. Pakistan doesn’t have this problem.

S:     Look, I know so man boys and girls who studied aboard, fell in love but could not get married to a person on a different race, or country, or religion, because of their parents, regardless of whether that person would convert to Islam or not. It’s just a social taboo.

A:     But, so many people have married like that. Its becoming more and more acceptable. I know some myself.

S:     Yes, but they still break taboos, it not like any of them didn’t worry about what their mother would say when she was faced with the prospect of a “gori” bahu.

A:     Hahaha, Sadiq, every mother want a “gori” bahu.

S:     And that means a pretty, Pakistani girl, preferably of the same religion, caste, family etc. It’s she’s not fair she’s no good. This is even worse than racism. This is discrimination based not on skin colour, but skin tone!

A:     No, I have faith in people like my family. My father is devout, so is my mother. If a girl is religious and educated, they will accept her, like I will. Regardless of whether she’s pretty.

S:     But what if she’s white, religious and educated? Or is she’s black, religious and educated? So many people are okay with a gora, what if a son brought home a black girl? I shudder to think what society would say.

A:     Well, I’m glad I didn’t go aboard for my education and have never had to face these difficult ethical dilemmas that you keep creating for me…