Dadu Shabir Sethar’s actions and excellent performance as SSP has helped in improving the image of the police in Dadu District and re-established trust between the public; it is unfortunate, however, that local civil society actors are not supporting this visionary officer on the needed extent. The civil society has been fighting against the violation of the human rights alone, accusing the police force of having a bias towards the powerful violators of human rights. In most of the cases the police force itself is accused of violating the rights of another. 

It is unfortunate when an honest officer makes progress in regards to a case that immense political and bureaucratic pressure is placed on his head. Dadu Shabir is a hardworking man who takes urgent action whenever a crime is reported and thus gains the support of much of the marginalised people. His well-wishers are unable to bring attention to his actions and display their support due to the fulfilment of the responsibility of earning a livelihood for their families. The perpetrators on the other hand, due to access to resources and facilities, mislead the media and start protesting which eventually leads to sincere people like Dadi Shabir to be transferred. 

It is duty of civil society to come out for countering unjust political pressure exerted on Dadu Shabir and other visionary officers otherwise this asymmetrical activism would not help in the creation of a peaceful society. 


Johi, November 12.