QUETTA -  Balochistan Chief Minister Nawab Sanaullah Zehri has said that the United Nations discarding Indian resolution actually is an acknowledgment of Pakistan sacrifices in war against terrorism.

Commenting on Indian resolution against Pakistan in UN reflected the nefarious designs of Indian government which met a disgraceful fate in guise of rejection by the world, said the chief minister in a press statement issued on Sunday.

The UN admitted Pakistan’s unrivalled sacrifices in war on terror by rejecting Indian baseless resolution against Pakistan, noted the CM.

The Indian resolution was aimed at diverting world focus from brutalities and tortures being inflicted upon the innocent people in occupied Kashmir and part of his decades-long negative propaganda against Pakistan, asserted the chief minister.

Nawab Zehri chided the Modi government for not only accelerating the proportion of forces against Kashmiri people, but also launching a campaign against Pakistan.

Indian hands in subversive activities was evident from the terrorists which he was patronising and funding in Balochistan and other parts of country to destabilize it through sabotaging attempts, articulated Zehri.

Mentioning reference of nailed Indian Navy officer Kulbushan Jadhav and other operatives of his networks in Balochistan, the chief minister declared Indian involvement in terror activities in Balochistan was an inalienable prop and plotting to disrupt the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.

He added India cannot see CPEC go functional which would usher in a new era of prosperity and development not only in country, but also in region, and hatching conspiracies through agents to sabotage it; however, they terribly failed in their despicable designs.

Welcoming Pakistani bid to present props of Indian terrorism and intrusion to UN, Nawab Zehri said the time came to expose Indian terror campaign in Balochistan before the world with an aim to apprise world of his role in Balochistan to prevent him from sponsoring and funding terrorists.