LAHORE - Renowned religious scholar Maulana Tariq Jameel was admitted to the Doctors Hospital in Lahore after complaining of chest pain.

As per media reports, doctors at the hospital have advised his angiography and overall health condition of Maulana Tariq was out of danger. He, however, was being kept under observation. Later he underwent angioplasty.

A member of the Tableeghi Jamaat, Maulana Tariq, is a well-known preacher in Pakistan and abroad. He is polite orator and held meetings with politicians, sportsmen, actors and leading personalities during years of his preaching.

Maulana Tariq always talks about religious harmony among all Islamic schools of thought. Perhaps he was amongst few religious scholars who belong to Deobandi school but held meetings with Shia and Brelvi scholars to promote the harmony.

Maulana was ranked 40th on the 2019 list of the 'World's 500 Most Influential Muslims'. He has also been previously featured on the list.

According to 'The Muslim 500' profile of Maulana Jameel, he is one of the most popular preachers in Pakistan. After completing his pre-medical education, he was admitted to King Edward Medical College in Lahore where, under the influence of the Tableeghi Jamaat, he changed his focus to Islamic education. He received religious training from Jamia Arabia.

"Maulana Tariq’s background in the sciences allows him to explain Islamic matters in a way that appeals to modern urban Muslims. Additionally, his simple lifestyle and eloquence in Urdu, as well as his fluency in Arabic, catapulted his fame across the Muslim world," the profile states.

Leaders of religious parties and known clerics have prayed for his early recovery and wished him good health in statements issued to media.