Is israel stepping up its game by planning to wage a secret war before ‘series of wars'?

The decision of withdrawal of US forces in order to drawdown the presence of Americans troops in Syria has hit hard at home.  US Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and theUS Special envoy for global anti-ISIS coalition Brett McGurk have resigned in protest to the decision as it conflicts thepolicy, planning, strategy and approach of American deep state regarding projection of American image in Middle Eastern and global affairs.  To add insult to injury, President Trump has talked to Turkish President Erdogan regarding ‘transfer of authourity,’ who in return has assured Trump that Turkey will pursue and destroy the remnants of ISIS. The Pentagon officials disagree with Trump’s assertion that ISIS has been defeated in Syria and suggest that more needs to be done. Nevertheless, The Turkish anti-ISIS initiative was welcomed by President Trump. However, American decision comes at a time when Turkey has amassed its army on Syrian borders in order to penetrate North-Eastern Syria where the PYG Kurdish elements(the American and Israeli allies) are in majority. Since the September 25th(2017) Kurdish National Elections in Iraq, the Pro-Israeli NATO including western and eastern European nations along with America, Canada and India have sent their emissaries to Kurdish regions and territories. The Kurdish Question will become an issue in near future. Bahrain and UAE have decided to reopen their embassies in Syria. It is likely that there will rapprochement between Syria and KSA.

In one of his recent tweet, Trump appreciated the role of KSA in providing finance to rebuild Syria. In August 2018, KSA pledged to contribute $100 million for North Eastern Syria for ‘stabilisation projects’ in areas once held by IS and now controlled by US-backed forces. The North-Eastern Syria is where Kurds reside in majority. It seems that Kurds will be made part of plan and it can be problem for Turkey, Iraq, Syria and also Iran. Question: Why is Trump administration planning to backtrack on issue of America compromising its image leading to domestic and international criticism?

The probable outcome is the intensification and rapid trail of targeting as well as encircling Iran which is evident as Trump is relying on idea of allowing its allies like KSA, UAE and Egypt to fill in the gap left by US and for them to use their own resources as it pulls out sources of assistance and downscales its military presence based on the pretext of ‘America First’ policy. As Turkey rises onto the occasion, the Israeli authorities are eyeing the situation in which Iran can have an opening into SyRaq corridor. The Turkish presence in Syria will always be complemented by Iranian presence in Iraq for purpose of safeguarding assets and protecting National interest of respective countries.

A similar trend was witnessed in 2016-17 after Russian intervention in Syria proved to be a ‘balancing act.’ In diplomatic discord, Israeli PM Netanyahu has started to trade barbed words with Turkish FM Mesut Cavosoglu as both accuse of genocide and instability. What is more terrifying for Netanyahu is that his coalition in Israel has failed to retain Government while it seems that Israeli deep state has started considering the options at disposal since Israeli police has rolled out evidence against Israeli PM Netanyahu.

Israel is relying on its tactics of militarism through Pro-Israeli NATO’s militaristic status quo and this has become seemingly more visible within domestic affairs of Israel as its PM is being blackmailed by ‘State within State’ and ‘State above State.’This is where the game goes deeper. French disapproval of Trump’s withdrawal decision is itself self-explanatory regarding in which direction the matters will move ahead. Hence, the NATO understanding has not been compromised but put into desirable action. There is a reason why Israeli leadership is more vocal about Iran and Turkey which is evident through the fact that Israeli PM Netanyahu is directly targeting Turkish President and Iranian leadership. Is Israel about to make a well-coordinated, collaborated and cooperative move of Pro-Israeli NATO militarism and Arab NATO militaristic status quo against Iran and Turkey very soon?

As Gulf countries step up their game, their link with Israel will become prominent and this development will allow the Jewish state the handling of necessary instrument in order to become acceptable to Muslim masses around the globe in bid to disguise its oppression as world witnesses its transformation from regional to Global Military Dictatorship. It seems that Trump is keen on manifesting the Israeli dream through Jerusalem as undivided capital of Jewish homeland. This means Israel will maneuver to make its presence and acceptance felt. Israeli PM Netanyahu recently said that Israel will fill up the US void in Syria. In response, Iran has said that the US presence in Syria was ‘wrong’ from the start.

Question: Will Israel attack Turkish troops in Syria? A possible hidden plan is to activate Israeli designs into the offing and it has a lot of repercussions once the waves come crashing in. This will mean that the recent development of US carrier entering the Persian Gulf in order to ‘switch it up,’ is about hitting two birds with one stone. The scenario is as follows: As Israel will make its move to prop Arab NATO’s goals in line with Pro-Israeli NATO, then both Iran and Turkey will oppose openly and vehemently. This will be met by threat of presence of American troops in nearby regions as well as the presence of Arab NATO (IMAFT?) in SyRaq, which will be perfect recipe for collision of Muslim armies from different nations having their own interests, inclinations, preferences and alliances. For e.g., the void left by Americans in Syria will be filled up by Arab NATO (and in time joined by Pro-Israeli NATO) who will fight with Iranians but the Turks will be limited to do ‘balancing act’ and avoid confrontation; which is precisely why the deal between Trump and Erdogan has been successful. Hence, both Turks and US Admin have a common goal: to fill in the gap through different means.

The goal of Turkey is to protect SyRaq corridor from another militia onslaught while America wants Israel to emerge in the scene but with complete backing and approval of Arab NATO. Trump’s move is now being questioned as what was meant to be abrupt US withdrawal has no seen no progress and the initial rate after the Trump decision was abysmal. Assad has authorised Iraqi forces to strike ISIS positions in Syria. What exactly is the gameplan which is being followed? Republican Senator Lindsey Graham has said that withdrawal of US troops in Syria could lead to Kurdish deaths. On the other hand, Turkey being the nemesis of Kurdistani elements has revealed positions of French troops in Syria while Germany is gearing up to play greater role in global affairs.

The confusion sets in when US President Trump stated after 30 days Withdrawal decision that US is no longer going to play the role of ‘Global policeman.’ While, Russia and Turkey have reached an understanding to play a decisive role in Syria after US pullout move.  At this juncture, the Kurdish leaders are looking towards Russia and Assad for support as they have been let down where US Commanders announcement of proposal to let Kurds to keep their weapons hasn’t been reciprocated with interest from Kurdish authourities and fighters.Iraqi PM Adel Abdul Mahdi has stated that Bashar Al Assad has agreed to increasingly bigger Iraqi role in fight against ISIS. This development only hints at how Pakistan helped Iraq in defeating ISIS. This depicts that the article the writer got published on Iraq Planaftyer Turkish President Erdogan’s visit to Pakistan in November 2017 is being re-affirmed to be accurate in content and context where EurAsian dynamics has become a reality.

Israel Military Intelligence Chief Major-General Tamir Hayman has stated that Iraq is under influence of covert Iranian foreign operations unit where Tehran’s role is considered as great threat which has led to multiple aerial strikes against suspected military deployments and arms deliveries by Iranian forces supporting Damascus regime. Israel wishes to counter and annihilate growing clout of Iranian presence in Iraq where Israeli interests would be harmed. Recently, Netanyahu was in Brazil to attend the inauguration of Brazil's new pro-Israel president, Jair Bolsonaro. Asked if he (Netanyahu) could ever contemplate sitting down with an Iranian leader to talk peace, Netanyahu replied: “If Iran remains committed to our destruction the answer is no.” The only way, he said, would be “if Iran undergoes a total transformation.” The point is that Iran isn't going to accept pure sectarianist minded leadership through regime change which can make deals with Israel. Iran didn't take bait but KSA did. So, it seems the next stage is controlling any idea of Khilafah as Israel steps up its game. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Monday that Arab countries viewed Israel as an “indispensable ally” fighting Iran and the militant Islamic State group. That evaluation, he told Brazil's GloboTV during a visit to Rio, has caused “a revolution in relations with the Arab world.”

Hence, Iran has been instigated to make a move while Turkey has already followed through smart move to disassociate with taking any side but its own yet it seems that it isn’t enough to dissuade likely scenario of another episode of prolonged KSA-Iranian clash. This will mean more destabilization, destruction, disarray and dismemberments as Muslim Middle Eastern nations enter into new heightened phase of conflict, making it possible for Israel to do more work in order to establish its hegemony in the region. How will Israel do that? Keep in mind, the Trump’s initiative has already been successful and it is the reason why Turkey is accepting the offer since Israel has laid its plan and implemented it throughout in order to establish itself as an alternative and in near future, the only choice.

So, coming back to the original question, how will Israel do that? Israel has technology. Israel has resources. Israel has money. Israel has connections, power &authourity. Lastly, America is providing space to Israel. The ‘transfer of power’ process is entering into culmination phase where Israel will more actively pursue its radical agenda.

All this fits into a plan for world domination. The ultimate reason for American withdrawal is to provide Israel an opportunity to deal directly with Arabs and Middle Eastern allies and have diplomatic relationship with them. This will certainly ensure Israeli credentials for status of sole decision-maker. This is not in any way acceptable to Turkey and Iran, which is why both are opposing such development at all costs except that Turkey has took bait to an extent but it can be possibly reversed. Israel will work both at front and behind the scenes but make its proper entry at a time when it would seem to the world that all countries have failed to make any difference when Kurds and other entities will arise as a result of those events which are occurring right now i.e., at this point in time.

Israel will soon replace America as the ruling state of the world. The Global establishment relies on mechanisms of system which allows the elements of Millitarism like Pro-Israeli NATO’s militaristic status quo to crush any form of dissent. Question: Will Pakistan succeed in restoring democracy and civilian supremacy to determine its sovereignty or will it rely on similar means of militaristic status quo as to deter militarism? Turkey has opposed militaristic status quo of Pro-Israeli NATO and has rejected any offer from it to adopt their militarism and has responded after Russia intervened.  Till when will Turkey remain part of NATO? Will foes of Iran provoke confrontation with their own version of NATO? What role will the Kurds play after the KSA-Iranian confrontation and will Israel enter openly into the game after this to restore order? How will Pakistan protect its Sovereignty defined by its Constitution; through formation of ‘Democratic / Authoritarian’ National Government?

According to an analyst on Syrian situation, the attacks from Israel will increase in next few days. This is due to Kurdistan factor emerging while Syrian army enters Manbij (a major Kurdish city in North Syria which connects with North Eastern Syrian side). Israel means business with Iran in Syria. According to an Iraqi political analyst and expert, there is data available that America is expanding the base in Erbil, Kurdish majority region. Part of the troops will be re-stationed to Ayn al-Asad Airbase the troops near Syrian-Iraqi border in northern areas of Iraq.

Will Turkey only amass its army at the border or wait for Israel to intensify its operations before making a move while American troops are present in Iraq? The surprise visit of US President Trump to Iraq depicts that the Americans are planning a comeback at some point in time and the contours will manifest soon. Meanwhile, world has opposed Israeli airstrikes into Damascus on Christmas eve where civilian planes faced risk as Israeli used them as shields where any mistake by Syria to target the civilian planes would’ve backfired on Assad regime. Russia asked Turkey to hold on the offensive into Syria and allow Syrian Army to take Manbij, a key Kurdish city in North Syria.

It is pertinent that US is backing off in order to allow Israel to take the space and place. However, the aim would be to establish Israel as undefeatable and invincible force. Hence, all its foes will be brought into subjugation. Such attempt would be made through establishing credentials of Israel as next ruling state of the world. We will witness more electronification of almost every act we do. The electronic system will be entirely controlled by Israel. In fact, all such endeavours can now be witnessed and require a separate article for coverage, including how Israel has become a Joint US-Russian protectorate. Undoubtedly, though, Israel is now taking steps to claim its status of ‘ruling state of the world.’It remains to be seen what Russia does to receive Turkish support to counter Plans of Pro-Israeli NATO? Soon, it won’t matter who makes the first move in this entirely new game as it will determine the contours of final alliance in the rivalry between Russia and NATO!