KARACHI        -     Freezingwinds gripped Karachi as the temperature in the metropolis dropped to as low as 11°C on Wednesday.According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), the temperature is expected to remain around 14°C over the day, accompanied

by chilly winds.Sindh Chief Meteorological

Officer Sardar Sarfaraz said the winds blowing in the city have been recorded at 32 to 35 kilometer per hour from the north-east. Sarfaraz added that the entire country at the moment

was in the grip of icy Siberian winds, dropping temperatures around the country.He added that cold winds were expected to prevail around the city for another two days, with temperatures

expected to drop even lower. The lowest temperatures

expected to be recorded

in the next two days can range from between 19°C to 20°C and can go as low as seven to eight degrees

Centigrade.According to MET Office records, the lowest temperature

recorded in the city was in January 1934, when the temperature dropped to zero degrees Centigrade.Earlier, the PMD had reported

that the metropolis’ cold spell was expected to intensify in January 2020. The warning had come after

Karachi recorded its lowest temperature — at 9.2°C — in the current winter

season on December 24.Prior to the current record,

the city had recorded

its lowest temperature this year at 9.5°C. Western winds were expected to enter

Balochistan from Iran from January 3, likely bringing

rain to both Balochistan