KARACHI – Benazir Bhutto was fully aware of the urgent need of peace in the region. Her views were liberal and modern which were not polluted with the religious extremism. In order to establish friendly ties between India and Pakistan, Benazir Bhutto took many steps that inspired and motivated the Indian government and people.

 She was interested in building up relationships between Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Sri Lanka to end poverty.

These views were expressed by well-known scholar and writer Dr M A Javed, N D Khan and former senator Taj Haider during the international extension lecture organised by Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Chair - University of Karachi in collaboration with Cultural Department of Sindh government and Jinnah Medical and Dental College, Karachi.

Dr M A Javed, in his lecture, shed light on the practical efforts made by Benazir Bhutto for constant peace and friendly ties between India and Pakistan. He informed that Benazir Bhutto stepped ahead for a friendly dialogue with Rajeev Gandhi who accepted her sincere approach and together they tried to establish a relationship based on trust and harmony between the people of both the countries. However, a few extremists in both the countries brought countless hurdles in the peace process.

Taj Haider, in his address, expressed that Benazir was well aware of the fact that super power cannot play any significant role in the process of establishment of peace between both the countries. She herself emphasized upon having a healthy relationship on the areas of mutual interest.

Prof N D Khan said that no matter friendly ties are of utmost significance for India and Pakistan but some earthly fact should not be ignored. This is a fact that India is reluctant in promoting friendly ties for some specific areas of interest which includes Kashmir issue.  India’s mysterious activities in Kashmir, Afghanistan and Balochistan can not be ignored.