LAHORE – No party is now willing to support the army in taking over control unconstitutionally because of the presence of a strong and vibrant judiciary, PML-N leader Ahsan Iqbal has said.

Addressing a seminar organised by TECH Society Club on ‘New Prime Minister and the Future of Pakistan’, he said Pakistani citizens had lost hope because of repeated failures of civilian governments and military interventions, but that was only a temporary phase.

Ahsan said the world was facing psychological war. “With all defects Pakistani politics is better than India’s that is controlled by the underworld. However, India did succeed in strengthening institutions but because of uninterrupted political system.”

The PML-N leader said conspiracies against the democratic government will be foiled and his party will not support any unconstitutional move. But division of areas and hearts is unacceptable, he added.

He said Pakistan is facing many challenges and PML-N has the capacity to pull the country out of crisis. “Indian President Manmohan Singh requested Sartaj Aziz to provide information about the economic reforms introduced in PML-N reign for guidance.”

Ahsan said Pakistani people will have to decide what kind of model they should adopt – North Korean, Iranian or Turkish. He said freedom of expression in Pakistan was enabling more and more citizens to take part in resolving national issues.

Criticising the PTI, Ahsan said all the leaders who brought revolutions in different countries of the world were having more than 10 years experience of observing state systems but Imran Khan did not have such experience.

Punjab Bar Council former president Ahmed Awais said that strong judicial systems enabled democracy to flourish in many states. He said Pakistani rulers were not accepting judicial verdicts as they were used to dealing with a weak judiciary. He said the nation was facing many problems created by illegitimate actions of Musharaf regime. Zubair Sheikh, Abdul Majeed Khan, Jameel Gishkori, Mahmudur Rahman Chughtai, Dr Muhammad Sadiq and Qayyum Nizami also spoke on the occasion.