IT looks like Tom Cruise’s unlucky number is 33 - as all three of his ex-wives called it quits when they reached that very same age.

Mimi Rogers, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes were all in their early thirties when their marriages to the Hollywood leading man took a turn for the worse. Fans of the heartbroken star searched for a meaning, some postulating that the number 33 is related somehow to Cruise’s religion, Scientology. Cruise married Mimi Rogers when she was 31 in May of 1987. She was 33 when they broke up in 1990. In his second marriage to Nicole Kidman, the actors stayed together for ten years. They split in 2001, when she was 33. His wedding with Katie Holmes was in 2006 when she was 28 and this week, when she filed for divorce, she had reached the ripe old age of 33. In each case, divorce proceedings began when the wives were 33 and concluded when they were 34.

Perez Hilton dug deep into Scientology to find out what, if any importance there is to the number 33. Turns out, the first Church of Scientology was established in Phoenix, Arizona, which lies on the 33rd parallel. In numerology, the number 33 is for the ‘master teacher’ represented by the Archangel Michael. The number 33 is associated with the power of healing through love; people with the life path number 33 are totally selfless and love unconditionally.

Regardless of the positive connotations, Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s divorce will not be recognised by the church of Scientology, according to church documents.

There is a belief in the church of Scientology that marital problems come from ‘withholds’ or ‘overts’ - undiscussed issues or problems.

Mrs Holmes is believed to have blind-sided her Mission Impossible star husband by initiating divorce proceedings and seeking sole custody of their daughter Suri. With sole custody of Suri, Mrs Holmes would be able to remove her daughter from the Church of Scientology despite her husband’s enthusiasm for it.                            

The estranged couple have been raising Suri in accordance with the doctrine of the Church of Scientology - treating her as an adult, free to make her own decisions.

‘Kate has filed for divorce and Tom is deeply saddened and is concentrating on his three children,’ a spokesperson for Cruise said. The actress cited ‘irreconcilable differences’ as the cause to the split.          –DM