KARACHI – A bomb planted at the railway track in the Bin Qasim Police remits exploded with a loud bang on Sunday.The railway traffic was suspended for some time, though railway officials said the track was not seriously damaged and it occurred in an isolated place.However, the loudness of blast did make law enforcers, including district police, railway police, rangers and the bomb disposal squad (BDS) personnel, to rush to the site.BDS experts collected evidence from the site to determine the nature of blast. Railway SSP Arshad Kamal Kiyani also reached the site. He quoted the BDS experts as telling that the bomb was locally made and carried around 100 grams explosive material.Railway police said there was another bomb planted on the track but that did not explode. An FIR was registered at the Landhi Railway Police Station against unidentified people. Police said they found a paper chit there pronouncing responsibility by the Sindh Liberation Army.The modus operandi too pointed to the involvement of Sindhi separatists because a number of similar blasts have taken place across Sindh on railway tracks by the same group. But law enforcement agencies have failed to prevent this terrorist activity. In February, culprits detonated 14 bombs on railway tracks at different locations.