ISLAMABAD  - The masses, especially the commuters and transporters, have welcomed the cut in the prices of petroleum and CNG, but slammed the artificial shortage created by the petrol pumps, which has created a big mess.

It was learnt that petrol was not available at most of the filling stations at the new low rates despite the clear announcement by the government.

“It’s an unfortunate situation in our country that when ever oil and CNG prices are reduced we suffer artificial petrol shortage at most of filling stations of twin cities while others do not implement new rates,” said a motorist, Shahid Tanveer.

Haider Abbas, a driver of public transport van, said that filling stations owners implement increase in petrol prices within seconds of announcement.

 but delay implementation of rates in case of cut in prices for as much as they can.

Moreover, long queues were seen in front of filling stations where petrol was available.

People from all walks of life lauded the government for bring down petroleum products prices and demanded to ensure availability of petrol at filling stations both after increase and decrease in the prices.