ISLAMABAD  – The dysfunctional traffic signals creating enormous problems for the commuters of the capital city while traffic wardens deployed over these signals allow each side to go according to their own will without taking care of time which causes traffic jam.

Due to the load-shedding most of the signals in the city often remains dysfunctional, whereas at some signals warden of Islamabad traffic police are deployed while there are no personnel’s deployed at most of the signal to control heavy flow of traffic.

“The personnel’s of ITP does not care of time due to which the commuters had to stop for long time”, Jahanzaib Khan a commuter complained added that long queues of traffic could be witnessed on these signals due to the negligence of the traffic wardens.

Rehan Abbasi, one of the commuters said that the long queues on traffic signals also causing inconvenience for ambulances, because it was not possible for ambulance and other emergency vehicles to rush through the heavy traffic.

Another commuter said that it is not possible for one warden to control the heavy flow of traffic and suggested that it is necessary to deploy at least three to four personnel’s at each signal.

Meanwhile, encroachments have become hazardous in populated areas of Bara Kaho due to negligence of the administration and inattention of elected representatives.

Encroachments have become big problems for the pedestrians and transporters on Col. Amanullah Road, Bazaar Stop, Simli Dam Road, Kiyani Road, Bhera Pull and other areas of Bara Kaho.

“Vendors and their stalls are hampering the smooth traffic flow and causing road accidents”, said a local resident. All the encroachers have established their business by placing stalls in front of the shops.

Citizens several times called attention of the administration towards this issue but no action was taken from the administration up till now.

Residents, transporters and civil society demanded of higher authorities to take action against the encroachments in various areas of the city.

 Meanwhile, traffic signal is a common site where one can see lot of children and women thronging at vehicles asking for alms.

The number of beggars, especially children and women, are rising in Federal Capital.

Beggars use novel techniques to attract people, as their sole purpose is to take money from them. The increasing trend of beggary at traffic signals in the capital is due to lack of attention from the concerned authorities.

People opined that use of children in such activities should be banned strictly.

People urging the civic administration, demanded that the concerned authorities should take strict action against the responsible persons. They said if actions to tackle the menace of beggary have not taken seriously and on urgent basis, it would attain alarming proportions over a period of time.