PESHAWAR  - Pakistan People’s Party-Sherpao (PPP-S), Chairman, Aftab Khan Sherpao said that women are worst affected of militancy and urged the government and non-governmental organisations to work jointly to pull them out of this ‘social trauma’.

He was talking to a delegation led by ‘Aware Girls’, a non-governmental organisation working on women awareness and empowerment, here on Sunday, led by PPP-S Central Executive Committee member Miraj Hamayun Khan. MPA Nargis Sameen, PPP-S Labour-wing in-charge Faqir Hussain and NGO workers were also present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Sherpao said that the psychological and physical trauma they were going through had created deep scar of depression in them.

He asked the government to gradually pull them out of this trauma-like situation and provide helpful atmosphere to heal their wounds and help them live a normal life.

The PPP-S chairman said that women constitute half of the total population and efforts should be made to provide education and equal opportunities to them.

Aftab Sherpao lauded the strength of women and said peace could only be established by taking into account suggestions of people from all faiths.

He said that Islam condemned all kinds of violence against women that continued in different ways. “The violence continues in shape of honour killings and genital mutilation as well as domestic violence and sexual assaults,” he said.

Referring to the current situation, he lambasted the government for its failure to rid the nation of prevailing crises.

 He said the economy was stagnating from the energy scarcity and the worsening law and order situation, adding that the government did nothing to overcome the crises that reached its sky-high proportion.

He said it was not that difficult to control the energy crisis, if the government show seriousness towards the situation.

He also came down hard upon the ANP-led provincial coalition, saying that people had lost trust over the so-called champions of Pakhtuns rights.

He said that provincial government had promised to provide free electricity then they said that initial hundred units would be free, but it could not fulfill its promise.

He urged the masses to support the PPP-S in next general elections so that they could be steered out of the crises.