PESHAWAR - Mustaqbil Pakistan Party (MPP), Chairman Nadeem Qurishi has said that the rulers have are looting the national exchequer with both hands while the poor have been compelled to commit suicide due to inflation.  Addressing a gathering of his party in Ram Keshan Peshawar, Nadeem Qureshi said that by the grace of almighty Allah, Pakistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa were enriched with natural resources but despite passage of 64 years of independence, no one had taken advantages of these natural resources.

He added that corrupt rulers put the country sovereignty and integrity at stake that was why United States and Nato were targeting the innocent people in tribal areas.  He said that he launched his political movement to save the country from these corrupt elements.  He said that this was not the duty of a single person to serve the country and rid it of the existing problems, but it would need joint efforts and collective responsibility to bring revolution in the country.

He said that Mustaqbil Pakistan Party was the party of the poor and it believed to serve the poor segments of the society.  On this occasion, dozens of people quit their parties and joined Mustaqbil Pakistan Party.

MPP General Secretary Moin Khan, provincial leader Amir Shehzad and Amjad Danish also addressed the gathering on this occasion.