QUETTA - Criticising the government, National Party (NP) central leader and former MPA Rehmat Baloch has alleged that people of Gwadar were deprived of drinking water due to massive embezzlement of funds allocated for provision of water projects.

Addressing a Press conference at Quetta Press Club on Sunday, he said that after ouster of Pervez Musharraf people were hoping that their grievances would be addressed. However, he alleged that soon a new chapter of injustices, including that of extra judicial killings, recovery of bullet-riddled bodies and kidnapping for ransom started in the province which was still underway and gaining momentum.

NP leader alleged that rulers were busy in looting and plundering public money and had nothing to do with the problems of people which could be gauged from the fact that the people of Gwadar city, which was gateway to Asia was deprived of drinking water. He said that rulers had been beating drums of development of Gwadar in media while on the other hand all paths of development had been closed to its people who were even denied of drinking water besides other basic needs.

He alleged that Rs 3 billion which were announced for filtration plant projects in Gwadar, Jiwani and Pasni had been embezzled because despite lapse of three years there was no existence of these projects.

“Funds announced for installation of filtration plants have been misappropriated,” he said, adding, that the project of Rs 350 million Sanora Dam could not be completed even after passage of two years which was still pending.

He said that MPAs funds had been increased to Rs 300 million but this step had not changed the fate of people since the funds were not being utilised for the benefit of the people.

He demanded of the government for thorough and transparent investigations into the alleged embezzlement of funds earmarked for provision of water projects in Gwadar and immediate steps should be taken for provision of drinking water to it people. Otherwise, he warned NP would come up with strong protest across Balochistan and would stage a sit-in infront of Governor and Chief Minister House.