LAKKI MARWAT - Police have arrested three militants and 119 proclaimed absconders in a grand cleanup operation launched in several parts of the district.

“The operation was launched on the instructions of Regional Police Officer Bannu Nisar Ahmad Tanoli”, an official said on Sunday. He said that the district police carried out successful actions against anti state elements and eliminated hideouts of miscreants and notorious criminals’ gangs in parts of Lakki Marwat, Naurang, Tajori, Ghaznikhel and Darra Pezu towns.

He said that the operation was supervised by DPO Umar Riaz wherein commodes of Elite Force and anti-Terror Squad backed by armoured personnel carrier vehicles participated. Official said that besides arresting militants, police also seized explosives, detonators and other equipments used in making home made bombs from them.

“The arrested proclaimed offenders were wanted by police murder, attempted murder, kidnapping and other anti state activities,” he maintained. He said that the law enforcers also seized 3 hand grenades, 3 klashnikovs, 11 kalakovs, 8 rifles, 15 shotguns, 37 pistols, 3250 bullets, 406kg hashish and a small quantity of heroin from anti social elements. 

Presence of watchmen in Lakki schools ordered

The Elementary and Secondary Education Department’s Executive District Officer Haji Mir Azam has called upon the heads of state-run schools to ensure presence of watchmen in their respective schools during summer vacations.

In a statement on Sunday, he said that the education department had taken concrete measure to ensure attendance of watchmen in the schools. He said that clear-cut instructions to this effect had already been issued to headmasters, headmistresses and principals of boy and girl primary, middle, high and higher secondary schools.

The EDO asked the heads of educational institutions to pay surprise visits to their schools to check the attendance of watchmen and other class four employees.

He warned that the watchmen would face strict disciplinary action for happening of any untoward incident in schools during summer vacations.

Meanwhile, Jamiat Tulba-e-Islam, Paharkhel Thall unit, a student wing of JUI-F elected new office bearers on Sunday. In this connection a meeting was held in Madrassa Sultania Muhammadia with Maulana Hussain Ahmad in the chair.

A good number of student workers both from religious seminaries and educational institutions attended the meeting.

The participants unanimously elected Maulana Musharraf Khan as president and Hafiz Kalimullah as general secretary of the student body.

Other office bearers include Maulana Younas Khan and Irfanullah as vice presidents, Hafiz Sifatullah as deputy general secretary, Qari Muhammad Hanif as joint secretary, Hafiz Zafar Ali as finance secretary, Syed Rehman as  deputy finance secretary, Waris Khan as assistant finance secretary, Arifullah as press secretary, Muhammad Tahir as deputy press secretary and Qari Salim Khan as assistant press secretary.