KARACHI-A large number of workers of Awami Tehreek, a nationalist group of Sindh, observed hunger strike on Sunday against the government for not arresting accused involved in attack on ‘Mohbat-e-Sindh Rally’ of the party last month.

The workers of nationalist party set up hunger-strike camp outside the Karachi Press Club, where a large number of political activists of other parties also joined them. According to a statement, the Awami Tehreek organised protests in across the province including Karachi on Sunday against lawlessness in the capital city; not arresting the terrorists who attacked the Mohbat-e-Sindh Rally last month, Zulfiqarabad and other anti-Sindh proposals and projects.

The workers of the Awami Tehreek as well as political activists of other parties also participated in the symbol hunger strike which continued from morning to evening outside the press club. The participants raised slogans against Mohajir Soba; lawlessness in Karachi; Zulfiqarabad and other anti-Sindh projects. They lashed out at the government and allies who were allegedly conspiring against the province.

On this occasion, the Awami Tehreek local leaders including Liaqat Jhatial, Majir Jarwar, Rashid Buledi and others said that at least 14 workers of Awami Tehreek were killed by terrorists in the rally last month. They said that the recent demands for dividing Sindh to carve out a Mohajir province, increasing graffiti and rallies in red zone with full protection and offering of juices left no doubt in our minds that anti Sindhi criminal elements were being patronised by the current government and their allies. A conspiracy has been hatched to further intensify the bloodbath in our beloved motherland, they alleged. They warned that 60 million people of Sindh were fully aware and were ready to fight for several generations without giving up to protect their homeland and no traitor can dare to implement his plans.