The shootout at the District courts on Saturday claiming two lives is not the first of its kind. There have been several similar incidents of such nature where prisoners brought from the main jails for appearance in the courts were murdered by their rival groups. First of all, it indicates that the security arrangements in the premises of district and session courts are insufficient. It is a pity that the concerned authorities seem to have downplayed the incident which is a sad reflection on the state of policing at such sensitive areas. A prisoner managed to smuggle a pistol inside the sub-jail where prisoners waiting for their appearances are kept. He shot dead a fellow prisoner as he entered the premises taking the remaining prisoners as hostages. According to police, they had to resort to an operation to rescue the hostages and opened fire killing the attacker. The investigations are in progress to find out what really happened. The relatives of those killed in the attack are blaming the police. It is essential that the police and prison authorities must ponder over this unfortunate incident. It is their duty to ensure satisfactory arrangements for the security of prisoners and install metal detectors at all such locations where prisoners are kept during transit. If such measures are further delayed, there is no guarantee that similar incidents would not occur.