PESHAWAR - Peshawar Transport Association Sunday staged a protest demonstration against imposition of unscheduled tax on Haji Camp Bus Stop and appealed to Chief Justice Peshawar High Court to take action against the bus stop contractor and the city district government.

The protest demonstration was staged on Main GT road Peshawar, which was led by leader of Transport Association Ihsan-u-llah Tahir Bangash and Zia-u-llah. Holding banners and placards the protesters chanted full-throated slogans against the government and Bus stop contractors.

Addressing on the occasion the protester said that despite of the order of High court the district administration and Bus stop contractors violates their right and charging them with extra tax, which affect their employment.

They said that despite complaints to deputy director coordination and Bus Stop Manager no action has been taken against the responsible persons. 

They said that the contract of General Bus stand has been expired and now it’s the responsibility of the district government to collect tax as per schedule but contrary to this the contractor charging the transporters with heavy fee. They said that due to the lack of cooperation from the government the routine job of the transporters badly affected and they are quitting their field continuously. 

They appealed to chief Justice Peshawar High court to take action against the contractors as well as responsible government persons against the violation of rights of these transporters.

They warned that if action was not taken against the responsible persons then the transporter will closed all the routes of the city to disrupt the traffic flow of the entire province.