LOS ANGELES - The ‘Carry On’ film series could be making a return 27 years after the last film was released.

Film producer Brian Baker, 72, has spent £500,000 purchasing the rights to sell ‘Carry On’ related merchandise in an attempt to revive the comedy franchise by selling enough products to eventually finance three new movies.

Baker bought the rights after winning a legal battle against ITV in which a judge ruled the network was not using the brand meaning its trademark became invalid.

The last ‘Carry On’ movie to hit the big screen was 1992’s ‘Carry On Columbus’ and the producer has insisted he wishes to continue the legacy of the films’ founder Peter Rogers.

Baker told the Daily Mail newspaper: ‘’This ruling means we can carry out Peter Rogers’s legacy and get everything into gear.

The original franchise ran from 1958 to 1978 - releasing 31 films total - and although the new film will see the classic slapstick comedy of the series return, Baker confessed the new series will be ‘’a bit more politically correct’’.

He said: ‘’We’ll be bringing together a new team of actors with their own idiosyncrasies and personalities.

‘’They will be adapted to bring it up to modern times. We’ll have to be a bit more politically correct today.