ISLAMABAD - The incumbent chairman Capital Development Authority Amir Ali Ahmed has accelerated the process of concluding pending inquiries and as a result, 76 inquiries out of the total 142 pending inquiries have been completed during the last few months.

However, only 76 reports have been received in confidential directorate of CDA while a final decision in light of the recommendations of these reports will be made once they will be put up before competent forum.

Chairman CDA has instructed HRD Directorate to put up the findings of the reports within two days for further action.

The inquiries were pending from many years and several accused officers even retired without their conclusion while several inquiry officers also left the civic body without concluding the assigned tasks.

It was a routine in the CDA that whenever the management wanted to put a matter behind the curtain, they just ordered an inquiry not to conclude the same but to delay the matter or dodge the pressure.

However, the incumbent chief soon after assuming office directed the concerned directorate to sensitise the inquiry officers for early completion of the pending inquiries with them. The chairman gave a month time for the purpose.

A meeting to review progress on pending inquiries and degree verification was held here at headquarter of the CDA on Monday, which was chaired by the chairman and attended by concerned officers of the Authority.

Chairman CDA was apprised that presently, 201 inquiries were being conducted out of which 142 were fact findings and 59 were formal inquiries. He was briefed that 76 reports in this regard had so far been received which include 55 fact-finding and 21 formal inquiries.

Ahmed expressed his displeasure over delay in rest of the inquiries and directed the HRD Directorate to issue final reminders to concerned officers to conclude the inquiries within one month.

He instructed the HRD Directorate to put up the findings of reports of the inquiries within two days.

so that action in light of the reports compiled by the inquiry officers is taken accordingly while the Degree Verification Cell has been directed to complete cross verification of the degrees within one month.

Chairman CDA was also briefed that 20% work of degrees’ cross verification had been completed. He was informed that out of 846 employees’ degrees, 169 employees’ degrees had been forwarded to HEC for cross verification out of which 119 had been received while remaining were in process. The chairman CDA also showed his angriness over slow pace of progress in the matter and directed to complete the cross verification process within one month.

Chairman CDA directed the HRD Directorate to issue final reminder to the directors of the formations to forward degrees / testimonials / educational certificates of non-gazette employees working under their administrative control for verification from concerned issuing department through Security Directorate. In case of failure, the slackness will be placed in their annual confidential report dossier.