Ottawa: A sleepy bear decided to take a power nap - on top of an electricity pylon. The black bear nodded off after escaping a pack of dogs by clambering up the pole near Shellbrook in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Clearly tired after the ordeal he curled up on top the pole and slowly drifted off. The moment was captured as SaskPower energy crews arrived on scene and began trying to figure out how to get the bear down without causing a power outage.

Thankfully theanimal woke up and made its own way down after catching a few winks. SaskPower spokesman Tyler Hopson said: ‘The bear was already on top of the pole by the time our crew got on site. ‘He was awake initially but got fairly comfortable it seems and decided to have a bit of a nap.

‘He did manage to get down from the pole safely and is not injured as far as we know and didn’t do any damage to the pole or cause any sort of power outage.–DM

‘There certainly was some danger to the bear had he touched any of the live wires.’