LAHORE - nnual Degree Show of the Mariam Dawood School of Visual Arts and Design (SVAD), Beaconhouse National University (BNU) concluded at BNU’s Tarogil Campus on Sunday. The 4-day degree show featured thesis works of 53 young artists, in the fields of fashion design, textile design, visual art, visual communication design and jewelry and accessory design.

The graduating students managed to set a high bar for themselves, making the institution proud, by their potential and achievements. This was the seventh batch of undergraduate students graduating from SVAD, as BNU moves into the second decade of its dynamic existence.

SVAD Dean Prof Salima Hashmi says, “Thesis exhibition is the proverbial grand finale in any art and design school.”

This year’s thesis display of Fashion Design students received a good response from both the fashion industry and the general public because it showcased the work of BNU’s first batch of fashion design students.

A large number of fashion design students and teachers from other schools, textile & fashion designers and professionals visited the four-day exhibition. A sense of appreciation was visible on the visitors’ faces for the concepts, designs and presentation of the budding designers.

Fashion graduate, Zafrayab Farooq’s collection ‘Beyond the Red Border Of Time’ caught everyone’s attention. His designs were highly acclaimed by fashionistas, teachers and visitors for the concept, cuts and elegance. Zafrayab Farooq explained his work, inspiration and thoughts on latest trends in fashion industry. He lauded his teachers including Kiran, Pakeeza Khan, Kamiar Rokni, Fahad Hussain. He said the teachers gave them complete liberty to choose the topics for thesis.

Commenting on his thesis idea, he said, “Power is a stubborn foe. He who wields it today may yearn for it tomorrow. But power... it survives. It fascinates. Power is human and it is blood. Power is Red. It is this surreal nature of timeless power and beauty that inspired me particularly the works of one, Salvadore Dali (a renowned artist). His painting, The Persistence of Memory set my imagination on fire. The depiction of an arid, lifeless landscape – without hope and without end. And the manner in which he shows time itself becoming insignificant when measured against the slowly breaking dreams of a man… shocking.

He said Pret means ready to wear. He said, “Most designers have been working in Couture. We feel its market has already reached its saturation point. But for Pret, the field is wide open. People have also started showing interest in Pret. They want to look fashionable in every dress they wear. Our teachers have trained us to design both Couture and Pret but they’ve particularly focused this dimension. This market is empty and offers promising opportunities to young designers. I find Pret very interesting. I can experiment and create a fusion of both eastern and western wear to meet market’s ceaseless need for new and impressive cuts and designs.”