KARACHI - The leading industrialists and associations, demanding various financial compensations in upcoming budget, are not interested to give basic rights to their staff, which sometimes create Baldia Town like incidents in the country.

Various financial industries in economic nerve of the country have done considerable charity work for the citizens as they annually made millions of rupees from their businesses.

No one talk about the workers or implementation of Factory Act 1934 in upcoming budget specially the businessmen of the city who most of the time raise demands to government to take advantage in budget, said Bilal Mujtaba HR Executive at Hino Pak while talking The Nation.

It is an honour for us that the businessmen of Karachi are tax payers, on the other side a large number of people including hundreds of employs of Federal Board of Revenue are not paying taxes, said Majeed Aziz, A renowned businessmen of Karachi and former president KCCI while exchanging views with The Nation. It is not difficult for a worker to choose the safe environment for working but most of them are not interested in it. Even some of them pilfer toilet soap which is provided by employer for their good health.   Bilal said even ten to twenty percent implementation of bylaws can reduce the ratio of incidents in factory areas but it is impossible without support of stakeholders who just focus on their own stakes in budget.

Most of the production units established in the city not followed the Factory Act 1934 where all standards are well defined. The rules and regulations are very clear for the employers who are responsible for the safety standards, he added. Saniha Baldia (A factory incident in Karachi where 262 workers burnt alive) was not an old story. The horrified incident was occurred just because of the violation of Factory Act, he added.  Bilal said Directorate of Labour is the department who inspect the factories but mostly mill owners satisfied them with undercover dealings.

The employers are bound to pay salary to their workers within five days of closing but in most cases workers wait one or two months for their wages. In some cases, the factory owners follow the law as per international requirement but take advantage through the sub-contractors, he added. Talking on Saniha Baldia, Majeed Aziz said, the corrupt labour department is responsible for it. “Actually the so-called NGOs took advantage from the incident and cashed it. The same incident happened in Bangladesh where more than thousand workers died but they didn’t make it an issue”.  Majeed Aziz said the legislative authorities are interested to make money in the name of inspection and he remembered a government official who wanted to sell fire fighting instruments of his relative through this.

Talking over the budget he said, basically our demands are for the development of the country and we are sincere with our beloved city where we established state-of-the-art hospital for the people which is equipped with latest technology for every one.

We also started different scholarships programmes to increase the educational standard of the youth, he added.

Industries of the Karachi are moving to Punjab due to shortage of gas. If government gives some relaxation to the businessmen of the Karachi, they can make the city like Dubai or Kuala Lumpur.

In last few years no power generating plant establish in the country, we hope that current government will resolve the issue but it will take time and the same case in GSP Plus status which is not profitable for us. The upcoming budget will clear the vision of government, he added.