The completion of Nandipur power project in a record time of seven months was a great achievement of the government, said MNA Dr Shakeela Luqman while she was addressing the female workers here on Sunday.

“The power project is an ample proof that the government is taking an all-out-effort to curb the energy crisis,” she said and maintained that 100 megawatts electricity had been added to the national grid from the project.

She said that the country would soon get rid of the energy crisis after the completion of other power generation projects as the government was working effectively on the issue on top priority. She said that the past regimes did nothing for the welfare and socio-economic development of the masses. She added that the past rulers focused the protection of their vested interest. The incumbent government was doing practical efforts to minimise the worries of the people besides trying to give them relief in every sphere of life, she said.

The MNA narrated that the government would change the fate of the people in the coming four years by ensuring early and smooth provision of public amenities at their doorsteps.

She said that the time was ripe to fulfill all the political promises her party made with the people. She said that the government’s economic and political policies were bearing fruits and the country was moving towards the right direction. She said that the government was creating maximum job opportunities and promoting business and investment-friendly atmosphere in the country.