LAHORE: A spokesman for the Punjab government has termed baseless the statement of PTI Chairman Imran Khan asserting that the Punjab government is creating hurdles in matters of NUML University.  The spokesman pointed out that Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif had extended all out cooperation in establishment of NUML University in suburb area of Mianwali, including provision of government land in setting up of NUML University.

The spokesman explained that 1,000 acres were acquired by the government for establishing the NUML College. To put it in perspective, Aitcheson College is established on 200 acres, Sadiq Public School on 100 acres, while Hassan Abdal College has 100 acres.

In addition, there is a existing government college, close to the site whose students hostel is being used by the NUML administration for the past three years for housing their students, while the government has permitted the use of 12 residences of the same government college, which are under their use free of cost, to house their faculty and other staff. –Staff Reporter