Jamaatud Dawa Chief Hafiz Saeed asked the government to adopt a tough stance on Kashmir issue and force India to abide by the agreement signed by the then governments in early 1950’s under which both the countries had pledged to protect minorities’ rights in their respective countries.

Addressing at Jamia Masjid Al-Hadis Jhang Chowk on Sunday after Namaz Zohr, .he criticised the efforts to boost trade ties with India. He suggested better business relations with China. He also stressed a need for constituting a trade and economic block of Islamic countries on the pattern of European Union.

Hafiz said, “The time has come to perform the final Jehad against India to free Kashmir from Indian occupation. Are you ready to help Kashmiri brothers and sisters? Would you join me for this noble cause?” Hafiz asked the gathering.

He said majority of the Indian people had proved that the Two-Nation Theory was correct by electing extremist Narendra Modi as prime minister. “By acquiring atomic technology, the Pakistani nation has followed an important command of Allah, who has ordered the Muslims to stay strong for their defence,” he added. He criticised Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif for attending Modi’s swearing-in ceremony.

Hafiz said that he (Sharif) betrayed the Kashmiris. “Mr Prime Minister! you have stabbed the Kashmiris at their back by shaking hand with Narendra Modi. The Kashmiris would never forgive you,” Hafiz added.

He advised Pakistan government to refrain from indulging in a “love affair with India”, saying that it was useless. He said that the PML-N government’s policies were anti-labourers. He said the poor were facing difficulties and forced to commit suicide over unemployment and poverty.

As India has been committing cruelty against the Kashmiris, the Pakistani nation would not tolerate the rulers’ pro-India policies, he said. “India is still a threat to Pakistan as the former was establishing big dams on rivers the water of which is supposed to be for Pakistan,” he added. “India and the US are hatching conspiracies to destabilise Pakistan by creating 1971-like situation.”

He feared that Narendra Modi had been projected to accomplish nefarious designs against the Muslims and Pakistan. Thus, he suggested, the formation of an Islamic Bloc to unite the Muslims at one platform was necessary.

Addressing the party workers in Bahawalpur, Hafiz said that the international conspiracies’ target was Pakistan as the same were also aimed to weaken the Pak Army and ISI. “We need to fight against these conspiracies with unity,” he stressed. He added that the government should suspend the talks for friendship and trade with India, and demand Pakistan’s water share in the rivers flowing to Pakistan from India.

“Sectarian violence, target killing and terrorism are being promoted in the country. India divided Pakistan in 1971 and it was its agenda from the day one to destabilise Pakistan. India and its secret agencies are involved in terrorism, target killing and sectarian violence in Balochistan, Sindh, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and other parts of Pakistan,” he said.