The Vice Chancellor’s selection committee of Punjab government has completed its selection process and according to news sources new appointments will be completed in a couple of weeks. But again some very important questions have been raised, due to the extra efficient and haphazard working of the committee. The committee was headed by Syed Babar Ali, who is not a PhD, despite not being a PhD he was interviewing all the PhD professors, same goes for Miss Irum Bukhari, the current young Education Sectary of Punjab. The only PhD member of the committee was Dr Nizam (Chairman HEC Punjab). According to reliable sources out of 450 candidates 180 were shortlisted, in two to three weeks and then interview process of these 180 was completed in a week, the worst is the selection process, according to which most of the vice chancellors will be shuffled from their respective institutions, like it’s a game of cards, where shuffling is the best solution.

This means that new head of institution will come with new policies and vision. Education is not a joke, socio-economic development depends a lot on education; let’s hope that CM Punjab, who holds the key in this matter, will look into this negligence. Last but not the least it looks that private university owners have decided that they will destroy the public sector universities, firstly with their finances and secondly by becoming member of the vice chancellor selection committees.


Lahore, May 25.