Lahore High Court Justices heard the Consumers 170 petitions against the Federal government owned electricity distribution companies, which have been collecting various surcharges from consumers for years has been declared illegal and now they have ordered the government to refund the amount collected in three months. It is irony that National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), which has the prime responsibility to look after the interest of the consumers, is allowing undue surcharges to be imposed under Section 31(5) of NEPRA Transmission and Distribution of Electric Power Act, 1997, which has been declared against the basic rights of consumers.

The question is who prepared the NEPRA ACT 1997 in the first place? Why did the PPP and PML-N governments hire people who do nothing to improve the lives of the common man? There are many laws which were enforced by British Raj and are still used to collect taxes from people, who after the 1973 constitution should have been revised, conforming to basic rights of people guaranteed in it. NEPRA should take up the Consumers Right of Choice which has been violated, due to monopoly of Federal government on distribution of electricity, what is use of a regulatory authority if it cannot protect the consumers?


Lahore, May 31.