VENEZUELA   -     Ven­ezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido renewed calls for Presi­dent Nicolas Maduro to resign on Friday while campaigning in the birthplace of former leader Hugo Chavez, following incon­clusive talks in Norway to end the country’s crisis.

Guaido -- who is backed by the United States and is recognized as interim president by more than 50 countries -- has been leading a push to oust leftist firebrand Maduro, who has pre­sided over a crumbling econo­my after succeeding Chavez in 2013.

During a brief speech before a handful of followers in the small town of Sabaneta, Guaido called for a “large mobilization” of protesters to rally against the government over shortages of gasoline and prolonged black­outs in the country.

“The real solution is, without a doubt, to leave once and for all and let us live in peace,” he said of Maduro.