LAKKI MARWAT - Lakki Marwat Additional Assistant Commissioner Pir Muhammad Mehsud on Saturday faced embarrassing situation during a surprise visit to Government City Hospital when some doctors told him that he (additional assistant commissioner) has no power/authority to check their attendance.

"During the visit patients and ailing people told that they spent the day waiting for doctors to come and examine them. "We came to the hospital at 8:00 am in the morning but doctors arrived at 11:00 am," they complained.

They further said that doctors preferred to attend their private clinics and usually came late to the hospital. The additional assistant commissioner checked the attendance register and found four nurses absent from duty.

On the occasion, some doctors annoyed over surprise visit engaged in arguments with additional assistant commissioner and said that administration officials did not have any authority to visit health facilities and check the attendance of doctors higher in grades/scales than them.

The AAC, however, made clear that the visits of health facilities and other public sector institutions were arranged on the directives of deputy commissioner and provincial government with the aim to improve attendance of government employees and service delivery.