SADIQABAD-To provide the public with clean drinking water, all old water storage tanks are being replaced with the new ones, District Council Chairman Ch Shafique Pappa said.

During a visit to the water-supply scheme here, he said that the government is responsible for providing the public with potable water, adding any slackness on the part of officials will not be tolerated in this regard. He also directed the officials to ensure water filtration to overcome water-borne diseases.


It is need of the hour to teach the new generation about the beauty and significance of different cultures practiced across Pakistan, Assistant Commissioner Abbas Raza said.

Addressing a ceremony held here Punjab College, he said that the students should be taught about culture and traditions of all provinces of the country, adding it will be helpful in creating brotherhood and harmony among dwellers of the country.

On the occasion, the students showcased different portraits and stalls, depicting all different kind cultures practiced countrywide.