RAWALPINDI - Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan has said that people of Pakistan wanted peace and development in the country instead of confrontation and chaos.

He said that politics was name of public service and argument and not done by insulting people and provocation.

The minister expressed these views, while talking to media men and elected representatives of the PML-N during his visit to different localities of his constituency including Barka, Papen Bangla and others, where he also inaugurated a newly-constructed marriage hall on Wednesday.

He said that those who change their parties caused bad name for the good and democratic principles.

“Respect is gained through character and not ranks,” Khan said.

He said that the most difficult task was to rule Pakistan where at one side there was a heap of problems and on other side expectations of the people, but thanks to Allah Almighty, the government of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz was endeavouring to resolve problems of people and to come up to their expectations.

Regarding performance, Khan said that there existed a clear difference between Pakistan of 2017 and Pakistan of the past, adding that situation would further improve in days to come.

The federal minister said that those who did nothing for the country as well as the nation and set examples of inefficiency during their tenure were trying to misguide the nation through levelling false allegations just to hide their incompetence.

“In spite of their lies we will speak truth. It is a fact that people will decide. Our intentions are good and we have clean hands. We have the courage to face all the circumstances and we will face them in future as well,” he said.

The minister said that he took politics as public service and not as a business.

Referring to development work in his constituency, Nisar said that during his 32-year-long political career, particularly during his tenure in government, he managed to execute a lot of development work and served people with commitment.

“Those who switched parties and political direction and repeatedly came to power did not have the strength or ability to lay a single brick in the area,” he said.

The minister urged the local elders and dignitaries to point out problems of the people and play an active role in their resolution.

He said that the elected representatives of the area should also play their role in eliminating problems such as corruption and nepotism from the police, and other government departments and work for justice keeping in mind religious principles.

People can help in curbing corruption at the grassroots level, Nisar said.

During the meeting, people of the area also discussed matters of national interest and informed the minister about the problems in the area.

Replying to a question about cricket, he said that organizing cricket matches in the country would improve Pakistan’s image.

Politics and point scoring on all matters is inappropriate, Khan said.


Israr Ahmed