Renowned economic experts have said that Pakistan Super League’s (PSL) final in Lahore will help boost country’s economy as it will help promote tourism, particularly sports tourism.

They said that a huge amount of money would be circulated during the event, which resulted in tremendous increase in the government’s revenue.

“This will not be just a match or a final. It’ll project a soft image of Pakistan in the world and help restore foreign investors’ confidence. I’m sure after the event more and more foreign investors will take interest to invest in our country,” Khalid Iqbal Malik, president Islamabad Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ICCI) told APP.

“Look at India; after the introduction of Indian Premier League (IPL) and other sports’ leagues their economy has witnessed an increase. This happens everywhere in the world. I believe this event is going to help our economy a lot also,” he added.

He said businesses of sports, textile industry, advertisements, airlines, hotels and restaurants would witness an upsurge with the arrival of players and cricket fans.

Some other experts said the event would be a source of great uplift for development of sports tourism and indigenous culture of Pakistan.

Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) Vice President, Manzoor Ul Haq told a private channel stated that around four thousand events took place in the entire world annually, and lobbying to host the mega events was done by developed countries for several years.

He termed sports events necessary for economic and cultural development.

Economic expert Dr. Qais Aslam said that economy of a country was directly linked with its security situation.

Hosting PSL final in Lahore will send a very strong message to the world that Pakistan is a peaceful and sports loving country. This would encourage foreign investors to come in Pakistan and invest in various sectors here, he added.