BEIJING            -         Chinese researchers have developed a type of new computing system with high performance and accurate image recognition ability, according to a recent research article published in the journal Nature.

Convolutional neural network, an important model for image recognition, has not yet been fully hardware-implemented using memristor crossbars. The researchers at Tsinghua University reported the fabrication of high-yield, high-performance and uniform memristor crossbar arrays for the implementation of the convolutional neural networks, which integrate eight 2,048-cell memristor arrays to improve computing efficiency, said the article titled “Fully hardware-implemented memristor convolutional neural network.”

Moreover, they proposed an effective training method to adapt to device imperfections and improve the overall system performance. A five-layer memristor-based convolutional neural network was built to achieve a high accuracy of more than 96 percent in handwritten digit recognition.

The results are expected to be applied in the smartphone chips to facilitate the artificial intelligence apps operation.