LAHORE           -          Punjab Governor Chaudhry Mohammad Sarwar has demanded that Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to Prime Minister Imran Khan in recognition of his historic role in Afghan peace.

“Imran Khan is the only political leader who has been opposing the war in the region. By all aspects he deserves a Nobel Prize of Peace,” he said in a statement issued by the Governor House.

The governor said that Prime Minister Imran Khan gave a message of peace by setting free a captured Indian pilot, though India had been promoting war hysteria.

The Governor said that a period of 19 years of war was now going to end in Afghanistan because of sincere efforts of Pakistan. He said Imran Khan had been calling for resolving the Afghan dispute through dialogue since the day the USA and its allies launched war in Afghanistan. And today, America and Taliban had admitted the utility of Imran Khan’s standpoint, he added.

Ch Mohammad Sarwar said, “Alhamdulillah, today war is dying down and peace is taking roots in Afghanistan.” Under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Pakistan played a historic and decisive role in Afghan peace process, and Taliban-America peace accord was the victory of principled stand of the Prime Minister, he added.

The Governor said that entire world community was also praising the Pakistan Army for rendering sacrifices for establishment of peace in the region. The 220 million Pakistanis were proud of Pakistan armed forces which fought out terrorism effectively.

He said that Pakistan was all supportive of peace in the region as it would ensure progress and prosperity of the people living there. Pakistan was advocating peace in the neighbouring country also, and India must resolve the Kashmir issue in accordance with the UN resolutions, instead of using guns and bullets against helpless Kashmiris and even its own people in different regions. Atrocities against Indian Muslims must come to an end, otherwise threats to regional peace would continue looming large due to India’s negative approach, he added.