FAISALABAD - Chairman Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Muhammad Abdullah Yousaf has underlined the need to fulfil the consisting gap in tax policy and called for taking daring steps in this regard. Addressing a seminar and Press conference here Wednesday at Faisalabad Chamber of Commerce and industry (FCCI), he maintained that government should also take daring steps for reviewing the tax policy. He said that like last year the filing of income tax was taken on line, we will impose on line filling for sales tax and all the data will also be submitted on line so that all the matters can be automatic. He added that in this manner all the problems of FBR with sales tax would be solved. Chairman FBR said that tax collection has vital role in GDP of any country but our tax collection ratio is only 11% that is lowest in the region. He said that we have to increase this ratio minimum to 5% as biggest target is to lower down the fiscal deficit. He said that in order to increase revenue collection we have to improve our tax machinery because the old system cannot exist any further. He said that for budget collection regarding crisis we will present proposals to the government. He said that FBR so far had collected RS758 billion taxes while its target was Rs1025 billion but due to energy crisis it was suspected that the tax collection would be lowered up to RS35 billion. However let's see what happens in next months of the current fiscal year. He said that now the time to relax had blown away and we need efficiency. He said that we should confess and commit that our labour productivity and technology power plans is not competitive with other competitors. Resultantly our economy of scale is low and poor. He said that the trends of customers had changed and with the passage of time its demand has increased due to which working capital has increased too. He urged that to fulfil the demands of our customers we have to struggle and work hard. He added that in this regard time needs and demands to change our entire policy and schedule new business strategy. He said that if we need positive decisions from government than we have to talk on all the above issues one to one and review on all the strategies. He said that now problems would not be solved by roaming here and there, now as per the current scenario it is needed to form new policies. He said that no doubt energy crisis and increasing petroleum commodities prices is a major problem as when there is no power how can nay one makes its production capable. He said that generators and other power sources are not the solution therefore we should solve confronting energy crisis on war basis. He invited all the circles that FBR is ready to cooperate on the issue if needed. He said that FBR tries to attest and forward all the budget proposals to government and parliament that can be implemented. He said that like all past budgets this time too FBR will make implementations. He urged upon the FCCI and all other industrial, importers and trading associations to enhance their working relationships for secure future. He while discussing the textile crisis commented that private sector should also over see the government point of view that there are limitations in government resources too. He said that for solving the confronting crisis on one side govt has to face fiscal deficit and on other side the prices of petroleum commodities are increasing internationally. He said that inflation is increasing due to increase in oil prices. He said that its government responsibility to improve infrastructure. He said that quota regime and bonus scale did not give us a chance to stand on out feet's due to which we are suffering now. He said that hike in petroleum prices and food commodities are not our issues it is an international problem. He said that hike in petroleum prices had messed every sector and due to importing of oil our trade deficit had exceeded to 400 billion rupees.