ISLAMABAD-Finally they were out of the mist and Wednesday talks between Mian Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari in Dubai led the two sides to agree on some common ground on the complex issue of restoration of the judges and the judicial reforms package. The sources closely monitoring the negotiations between the two sides in Dubai were of the view that the real breakthrough was made on Tuesday after which Mian Nawaz Sharif had extended his stay in Dubai to hammer out the remaining irritants on the ticklish reforms package for the judiciary, which the PPP side finally managed to link with the resolution to be tabled before the National Assembly in the upcoming session seeking restoration of the judges. The sources said that now the issue of linkage of the resolution with reforms package was tackled in such a way that it was now acceptable to both the sides. The two sides had agreed that both the resolution and the judicial reforms package would be tabled before the National Assembly simultaneously but both would be treated separately. To a question the sources said that obviously simple passage of the resolution by the National Assembly could not bring the judges back into their seats and it would require an executive order by the Prime Minister, and most likely that order would be delayed till   the time the Lower House of the Parliament debates and approves the judicial reforms package. These sources once again reiterated that there was no difference of opinion between PPP and PML(N) on restoration of the judges as well as on the judicial reforms package but the matter of difference between the two sides was on the modus operandi and the timing of tabling of the resolution and the judicial reforms package. Now, after the settlement of the issues on the complex subject between the two sides in Dubai, Mian Nawaz Sharif along with his team members took the flight to Lahore in the evening and would likely make public the details of the agreement and in this connection he was also having the mandate of Asif Ali Zardari. After the conclusion of the talks, neither PPP nor PML(N) had given any details of the agreement on the restoration of the judges and Mian Nawaz Sharif had just said that the talks were successful and they were satisfied with the outcome of their discussion with their coalition partners. He once again reiterated that the restoration of the judges would be made in the light of the Bhurban Summit Declaration and both sides were agreed to implementing the Bhurban accord in letter and spirit. He, however, said that he would spell out the details of their parleys in Lahore on Friday after chairing the Parliamentary and CWC meetings likely to be held the same day. The sources further disclosed that for the restoration of the judges, Mian Nawaz Sharif had conceded much and overlooked not only the lapse of the deadline given for the restoration of judges under Bhurban Summit Declaration but also agreed to tabling of the resolution and judicial reforms package in the Lower House of the Parliament simultaneously. When asked about the consent of the other stakeholders to the dispute on what had been agreed upon between the PML(N) and PPP teams in Dubai the sources said that everybody linked to this issue was on board and the will and approval of other stakeholders to the dispute was very much there. These sources said that the other major stakeholders, though not directly participating in the parleys, were kept abreast of the deliberations of these sessions between the two sides and their proposals and concerns were also indirectly taken up in these meetings and were properly looked after. These sources see no substance in the public statements made by the politicians about the impeachment of President and were of the view that when both PML(N) and PPP would be retaining the judges appointed in the apex court in post-November 3 scenario then how could they go for such an extreme step. The political analysts were of the view that by a number of acts, the Government had partly given indemnity to the November 3 and the steps taken by President Musharraf in its follow up by tabling the amendments introduced in PEMRA Act in the National Assembly and now by retaining the judges appointed in the Supreme Court of Pakistan in post-November 3 situation.    About the judicial reforms package the sources said that both the parties were ready to increase the judges' retirement age, to give the apex court monetary independence, to reform the judges appointment criteria, fix the time limit of Chief Justice of Pakistan's office and to reform the working of superior courts by bringing it to a council of senior judges instead of Chief Justice of Pakistan to decide about the suo motto actions, constitution of benches and other administrative matters. Agencies add: Nawaz Sharif told after talks that judges would be restored as per Murree Declaration. "It has been decided and reiterated that the restoration of the judges will take place as per the Murree declaration," Nawaz said after two days of talks with Zardari in Dubai. He was referring to their agreement in March to reinstate the judges sacked by President Pervez Musharraf. "There is no ambiguity, there is no doubt about it. You will soon see the results of the discussions," Nawaz told reporters. "The committee has made substantive progress on this issue," Nawaz said of the negotiators from both sides, who met at a Dubai hotel. "The restoration will take place through a (parliamentary) resolution. The details will be revealed tomorrow ... You won't have to wait too long." Meanwhile, Asif Zardari described his talks with Nawaz Sharif as pleasant. "We have adopted wait-and-see policy and we will give our reaction after Nawaz Sharif's Press conference on Friday (today)," he said.