ISLAMABAD - Three-day mega inter-university event in which students from well over 50 universities participated concluded here with some marvellous and extra-ordinary performances in sports, declamation and other events.

Given the nomenclature of HITEC Olympaid the event was inaugurated by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) Chairman Dr Syed Ismail Shah who was quite impressed by the performance of the youth in various events and hoped that they would rightfully take the nation to new heights.

In a brief address after marking the HITEC Olympiad open, PTA chairman said that prepare the students what will follow the coming minutes.

He said that in the fast-changing world the youth should keep a watchful eye on the things happening around them.

The PTA chairman also spoke about the challenges engulfing the latest modes of communication.

Shah said that today’s world was inflicted with multiple threats of cybercrime and people know little about the ways and means to counter it.

He said that the PTA was vigilant and alive to all those challenges and would also create awareness among the masses as how to deal with the negativities stepping in their lives with this communication revolution.

Shah also asked the HITEC University management to start up joint ventures with the PTA.

Along with other sports and extracurricular activities such as cricket, football and athletics, other entertainment activities such as musical and cultural night was also organised by the HITEC Creative Arts Society.

“We are doing all what we can to promote arts and literature activities among the young blood,” said Umair Hamza, president CADS at the event.

“We are very thankful to all the participants who came from across the provinces and to media outlets, who covered the event. We also encourage youth to come and showcase their talent, as the event is still going on,” said Zohaib Tariq, head press and media of the HITEC University.

The main features of the inter-university event ranges from sports events such as hockey, badminton, table tennis, chess, basketball to declamation contest, drama, sketching, video-graphy and fiction writing.

Prominent among the universities which participated in the event included the Nust, EME, UET, Military College of Signals, IST, WEC, Wah Medical College, COMSATS, Arid University, University of Haripur and University of Wah.

At the concluding ceremony the chief guest was CEO and Co-founder of Naya-Tel Wahajus Siraj who gave away prizes and certificates among the winners of various events.

The winners were also awarded cash prizes as well.