LAHORE - Labourers and workers play a key role in strengthening of national economy, CM Shehbaz Sharif said on Monday, adding targets of development cannot be achieved without prosperity, empowerment and due respect of the workers.

“Under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, the PML-N government is determined to improve the conditions of labourers and is paying full attention to it,” the CM said while talking to PML-N workers.

Shehbaz informed that 87,000 children of brick-kiln workers have been enrolled in different government-sponsored schools for providing them free education and reduce the financial needs of their families.

He stated that establishment of quality educational institutions for the children of labourers besides social security hospitals and labour colonies are a proof of labour-friendly policies of Punjab government. “Fifty billion rupees have been spent on special initiatives taken for the prosperity of labourers during last four years,” he added. He further said that labourers are being provided quality medical health facilities in Punjab Social Security Hospitals at the cost more than Rs24.14 billion. Moreover, Rs3.12 billion talent scholarships have been disbursed to children of workers; Rs2.55 billion marriage grants have been given to children of workers besides Rs2.74 billion death grants; while 47,000 children of workers are being educated free of cost at Punjab Workers Welfare Board Schools. Residential colonies at the cost of 12 billion rupees have been established for workers in Lahore, Multan and Nankanasahib, according to the CM.

Also, the Punjab government has allocated Rs5 billion for the elimination of child labour and forced labour.