Islamabad-The CIA police have arrested a drug-pusher who used to supply drugs to the students of local universities and colleges.

Karachi Company police have booked Faris alias Ali under section 9-C of Narcotics Act. Drugs over 1,000 grams have also been recovered from his possession.

According to the police, Senior Superintendent of Police (Operations) Sajid Kiani has said that menace of drug-peddling would not be allowed in educational institutions or anywhere else in the city limits.

He said that strict action would be taken against those involved in such a business or activity.

Following directions of Minister for Interior Nisar Ali Khan, Islamabad police has initiated a crackdown for eradication of the menace of use of drugs in local educational institutions .  According to the police, it has nabbed 16 drug-pushers and recovered 9.4 gram hashish, 380 gram opium, 530 gram heroin, tranquiliser pills and weapons from possession of the persons involved in heinous crime.

Cases have been registered against these drug pushers at various police stations and they have been identified as Adeel Ahmed, Muhammad Sharif, Zulfiqar Shah, Labab Khan, Faisal Ejaz, Waleed Shamim, Muhammad Imran, Faris Ali, Tariq Mehmood, Muammad Awais, Nayyer, Abdul Hameed, Haji Hassan, Hamad Ali, Sohrab Khan and Muhammad Irfan.

They used to sell narcotics in colleges, universities and schools to students and special Investigation unit along with personnel of various police stations ensured effective crackdown against these elements.